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Life is a Journey and we can break down this Journey into the following components:

Awareness. This is your Origin, your starting point. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t even know where you are at the moment.

Goals. This is your Destination, the place you want to reach. Once you have established your position on the map, you can then decide where you want to go.

Principles. These represent your Path, the route you will follow. There are infinite ways to go from one place to another, so you must decide which one is the best for you.

Resources. These represent your Medium of transportation. There are many different ways to travel a given route. You must understand which of those modes are best suited to your chosen route and then see which are available to you.

Hindrances. These represent the Obstacles that you will encounter in your Journey. You must study the barriers and hazards that stand between you and your goal, if you want to overcome them.

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